Reading List:


-Introduction To Permaculture~ Bill Mollsion

-Paradise Lot

-Sepp Holtzer's Permaculture

-The Permaculture Garden

-The Ultimate Guide to Permaculture

-Gaia's Garden

-Botany in a Day

-The New Organic Grower

-The One Straw Revoltuion

-The Square Foot Garden

-Chicken Tractor

-The Small Scale Poultry Farmer

-Holistic Goat Care

-The Resilient Farm and Homestead

-Create and Oasis With Greywater

-Water Storage

-Rainwater Harvesting Vol.1

-Guide To Permaculture Reed Beds

To Read~

-Farmer's For Forty Centuaries

-Water For Every Farm

-Edible Forest Gardens


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