Organic Heirloom Plants

We offer quite a selection of garden plants every spring from our back porch. Growing a bit of everything in our own garden, we offer every variety to you that we grow! We're always open to more, so if you have a favorite you'd like to see available, let us know. With over 13 years of experience in seed starting, we are confident that you will be pleased with the quality of our plants. Grown from open-pollinated seed in home-mixed, organic soil, our plants are naturally healthy and vigorous.




How It Works:

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-We start selling early spring crops like cabbage plants in March

-In April-June as the weather warms up, all the rest of the plants will become available.

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-We sell by appointment, rather than regular hours. Call or text us when you'd like to come out....we're almost always around:-)

~Why organic?

We believe that food is medicine....real food that is. Today much of our food, even fresh vegetable are woefully lacking in nutrients. Plants are "fed" the big 3 nutrients (N,P,K: nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium), leaving out all the other trace minerals, and delivering those 3 key elements in an artificial form often bound by a metal like cadmium. This results in susceptible plants often needing pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides, not to mention the inferior nutri-density of your food as well as exposure to harmful chemicals. Health matters, so we are committed to only using natural and organic means, such as compost, to feed soil microbes which in turn feed the plants.

~Why heirloom or open-pollinated?

Genetically modified organisms (GMO's) are not a healthy, sustainable practice. All GMO's are "hybrids," however, not all "hybrids" are GMO's. To avoid any unnaturally bred seeds, we stick to open-pollinated seed, often referred to as "heirloom." As an added benefit, open-pollinated is the type of seed you need to be able to save seeds, as hybrids won't yield the same as the parent plant you saved them from, if at all.  

~What are soil blocks?

Soil blocks are a method of growing "potless" plants, which keeps them from becoming root-bound. Soil is compressed by a mold into a cube shape and planted with a seed. Since the sides of the potless block are open to the air, a process called "air pruning" occurs. Roots don't like being exposed to air, so they will stay inside of the block, efficiently using the nutrients, and halting growth until planted in more soil, where the roots explode with new growth, rather than growing round and round each other in a pot. Our tomatoes use to take a soild 4 weeks in the ground before we'd see new growth. Now, within 1 week they take off. Cucurbits (all squashes, melons, cucumbers) hate being transplanted because their roots are very fussy. Soil blocks ensure successful transplanting of these particular vines. We're convinced of the value of soil blocks, and we think you will be, too. Since the blocks are only made of compressed soil, care must be taken in handling and especially watering. If you are unable to plant your soil blocks right away, water all sides of the block carefully with low pressure.

Not sure soil blocks are for you? That's okay! We have traditionally potted garden plants as well that we do our best to keep from becoming root-bound and still deliver a quality plant. However, some plants like all cucurbits are only available in soil blocks.

~Pre-order your plants!

Do you grow a large garden or a market garden? Maybe you just want to make sure you get the plants you want? Contact us, and we'll be happy to serve anyway we can. Seed starting begins in January for some things, so it's never too early to think about spring!


Our pricing varies on type of plant, whether its in a pot or soil block, and how big they are. If you are pre-ordering, we're willing to work with you on pot vs. soil block and size by the date you want your plants. Otherwise, if you just plan to stop by when you're ready to garden, we think you'll find our prices reasonable and competitive.

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