Sweet Cream Pastures

Sweet Cream Pastures began on July 7, 2007. Three does entered our world that day, and the journey of learning the craft of dairy began.

We strive for excellency in the purity and nutritional quality of our milk products.

~Diet: Pasture, weeds, non-GMO alfalfa, home-mixed ration of oats, barley, peas, and BOSS (black oil sunflower seeds) that have been soaked in water with raw ACV and Redmond mineral salt and then drained.

~Mineral Supplement: A very important and often overlooked aspect in a goat's care, we offer a special blend free-choice to our goats, which promotes healthy goats and nutrient-dense milk. Micro-organisms (or probiotics) are also included in this supplement and thus also benefit your milk.

~No antibiotics or hormones

~Herbal De-worming: We use herbs to deworm our goats as opposed to commercial dewormers, many of which, have a milk withdrawal period and can also cause problems with your soil biota.

~Cleanliness: We practice good, clean techniques and chill milk quickly to give you the freshest and best-tasting milk.

~Nubian Milk: The Nubian breed of goats have always been know to have one of the best-tasting milk of the goat breeds and have ranked as one of the highest in protein and cream.

Quality Raw Goat Milk

We sell by appointment rather than regular hours. Call or text us when you'd like to come out...we're almost always around:-)


Dairy Products

~Raw Goat Milk:

$4/half gallon


$2/jar (1/2 gallon)

~Cheese: Limited availability. Please notify us if you would like to be put on the "Cheese of the Week" email list. Cheeses included in our weekly rotation are chevre (plain & flavored), feta, halloumi, and broiled cheese (Finnish Leipajuusto). Price varies from $8-10/lb.

*Sales tax included in all pricing

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